Diagnostics, Surgery, & Dental Services for Dogs & Cats

When your best furry friend isn’t feeling well, the first step is to find out what the problem is—quickly. Then, it’s important that the correct therapy or surgery be prescribed.

If it’s a dental cleaning, an extraction, or oral surgery your dog or cat needs, it’s essential you seek out professional veterinary dental care for the best, most comfortable results.


With our in-house laboratory and digital x-rays, Healing Paws is able to offer quick turnarounds for critical cases where seconds count. We also utilize an outside laboratory to complement our in-house lab when advanced testing technologies are needed.

Orthopedic Surgery  

A few orthopedic procedures are performed in-house (simple long-bone fracture repairs, FHOs, amputations), and more advanced orthopedic procedures are referred to our local board-certified orthopedic specialist. A consultation and radiographic evaluation is necessary so we can form a professional opinion that will result in the best possible outcome for your pet.

Therapeutic Laser

Healing Paws uses the cutting-edge K-laser, a therapeutic laser treatment that effectively reduces pain, decreases inflammation, and increases circulation. It’s a non-surgical/non-medicinal approach for treating a plethora of conditions, ranging from acute pain/inflammation after surgery or skin, ear, or bladder infections to chronic pain/inflammation states with degenerative joint disease, chronic kidney failure, or asthma. For clients looking for a holistic approach to care, this is a great option for them.

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Tartar, broken teeth, gingivitis, bad breath, and abscesses are commonly found in dogs’ and cats’ mouths. If these conditions are left untreated, your pet can suffer pain or discomfort as well as bacterial spread through their body, which will affect their heart, liver, and kidneys.

Healing Paws houses a full-service dental suite equipped with digital dental radiographs, which produce dental x-rays we can use to diagnose disease below the gum line and then treat it accordingly.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is equipped with the latest technology. Combine that with our surgeon’s experience, and you can expect the best possible outcome while your pet is under anesthesia.

Using a Ligasure device, your pet will receive human-quality surgical care. This advanced vessel sealant device reduces anesthesia time by 50% and allows for a quicker and safer procedure. 

CO2 Surgical Laser

CO2 surgical laser reduces blood loss, lessens pain and swelling, and promotes quicker recovery. Soft palate resections and stenotic nares corrections for brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, Bulldogs, Frenchies) are performed with less swelling and post-operative complications while allowing for much easier breathing for your pet. Superficial skin tags/growths can quickly be removed with a local anesthetic, making it possible to bypass general anesthesia.

More Veterinary Services from Healing Paws

Your goal—and ours—is to provide a long, healthy life for your pets. That is accomplished with our full range of veterinary services, including:

little cat with Elizabethan collar after spay surgery