Gift Guide for Your Dog or Cat

Christmas is just around the corner! I know, we are all in the same boat and seriously surprised that it’s just a few weeks away. While you are out and about shopping for festive foods and gifts for the family, don’t forget about your dear furry family member too! Here is a helpful list of dos and don’ts to help guide you on your Christmas shopping for your favorite pup and/or kitty.

Edible gifts can be an easy way to end up at the pet emergency clinic.

As much as we all know how dogs and cats LOVE food toys, please use caution when picking out gifts in this category. The all too famous antler/raw hide/smoked bone for dogs can be a huge no-no and result in unforeseen vet bills as you seek urgent/emergency care over the holiday weekend. Broken teeth, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or a serious intestinal obstruction are commonly encountered with these gifts. Safer alternatives are a Kong toy stuffed with natural peanut butter (no xylitol sweetener!) or their favorite canned dog food, Buster Cubes, and handmade, limited ingredient dog/cat treats made by a trusted local vendor. For our feline friends, a Boredom Buster Mat and Feeder Balls are a clever way to hide their regular dry food/treats to encourage hunting instincts.

Not all pet toys are considered safe!

There are oodles of cute toys for your beloved cat and/or dog on the market. However, please use caution when purchasing because pieces/parts of toys can be chewed off and ingested, causing a bowel obstruction. Here are a few safety guidelines to follow to help reduce the risks of a toy becoming your
worst nightmare!
– Always inspect the toys for loosely sewn parts/gadgets. When in doubt, throw it out!

– Always monitor your cutie pie when they are playing with their toys. Intercept if they are ripping out the stuffing /pulling out strings-fabric/trying to swallow parts of the toy. Throw out the toy and replace.

The simpler, the better!

Animals truly only need one thing from you – love and affection! And, the best part is that it’s FREE! Not only will you be filling up their little hearts with joy, but you will also be receiving the best present back – their unconditional love. I guarantee you will NEVER have buyers-remorse on this gift idea.