Canine Noise Phobia

It’s SUMMER!! Aren’t you excited to be able to soak up all of this Vitamin D and relax by the pool?! Most people enjoy these long lazy days of summer, but unfortunately, some pet parents find this season to be full of fear and anxiety. Why?  Well, with summer comes thunderstorms and celebratory fireworks…both of which are well known triggers for noise phobic dogs. So how can you help your fearful pup cope with this phobia? Read on and glean a few pearls of wisdom!

1. Create a Safe Haven.

A “Safe Haven” is my term for a place where your pet can seek refuge during the storm.  Commonly when a dog is having a panic attack, they will run and hide in strange places…like the bath tub or closet.  Effectively what they are seeking is a place to hide away from the scary sounds.  You can create a place in your home to direct your pet to for safe hiding while they ride out the storm.  If your pet is crate trained, you can use the crate and place it away from any windows and cover it with a heavy comforter.  Cleaning out a small spot in your hallway or bedroom closet can work too.  Dim the lights, turn on a fan, and play soothing music to deaden outside sounds.  I recommend diffusing soothing essential oils such as Youngliving T-Away and Lavender to help create a Zen-like atmosphere.

2. Invest in a Thundershirt.

Yep, you read that correctly, a Thundershirt.  The concept behind this helpful piece of pet garment is that it helps soothe your pet by the “swaddling effect”.  This snug fitting shirt will help give your fearful pup a boost of confidence through the scary storm.

3. Consult your veterinarian.

Commonly, sound phobic pets need more than a safe haven and a Thundershirt to help them cope through their fears.  There are multiple different medicinal options that can be prescribed to help ease the anxiety and fear of your pet through these episodes. Seek the professional opinion of your trusted vet to help meet the needs of your beloved pet so you both can enjoy this beautiful season of summer.  

Help your noise phobic critter enjoy their summer season as much as you do.  Seek the professional advice of your trusted vet to create a specific therapeutic plan to best help your pup have their best summer yet!